I design, engineer and construct websites for our modern, multi-device environment. I write clean, lean, responsive code from scratch.


To develop your internet presence as an organic mechanism which every user agent can seemlessly transpose your desired visual experience.


I code with HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP & Flash Actionscript. I have been certified in SEO from searchenginecollege.com. I engineer web designs to be responsive or pixel-perfect, and my builds look consistent in all major browsers: Chrome, Firefox, IE10 & below, Safari and Opera. I follow the web standards defined by the W3C and the web design community, but I can also browser-hack CSS when needed. I can write HTML emails. I can incorporate Wordpress blogs into a new or existing website. I can also create custom plugins to make streamline internal operations. I understand and use the latest web design techniques including responsive and adaptive design, CSS media queries, fluid grids, javascript versus jquery and progressive enhancement.


I went to NIU, but I learned to build websites on my own. Somewhere deep in the Geocities archives is my very first website. It was made for extra credit in 1996 and hard-coded in Notepad. I later used Notepad++, but I have upgraded to a more helpful text editor. I believe learning from hard-coding each character, not relying on wysiwyg's or preprocessors, has made me a strong web designer.

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